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I've always taken great pains to be exceedingly fair, responsive, and back-bending in the way I interact with my customers. I firmly believe it's best for business long-term if you always give your customer the benefit of the doubt and treat them as you'd want to be treated. But recently, for reasons I don't understand, I've been getting email after email from customers who are, quite frankly, being assholes to me from the very first contact. This type of customer has always existed, but in recent months the frequency that someone is a jerk to me before I even have a chance to respond has increased. Lately, the customer starts out their email calling me names and cursing because "how dare I" release a new version of VirtualHostX a month or two or three after they purchased their copy. They believe that I'm somehow trying to screw them over personally by releasing a new version - something I do with regularity every 12 to 18 months.

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